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Advocate For People With Disabilities

Truman Scholarship for Advocate for people with disabilities

An ILR School student Teresa Danso-Danquah wins 2014 Truman Scholar. The 15 year old has been a lawyer for people with disabilities at Cornell nationwide and internationally. Harry S.Truman Scholorship Foundation grants $30,000 for her graduate student study to make a profession in public service combined with 59 other Truman Scholars who are juniors in college.

Danso-Danquah aims at seeking master/doctoral degree in disability and human growth and a law degree, minors in Spanish language, law and cultures and inequality research. Grants to Help Poor People.

Advocate for people with disabilities

Advocate For People With Disabilities

Danso-Danquah who already is a Rawlings Cornell Presidential Research Scholar, a McNair Scholar and a Public Service Center Scholar has worked on various project and one of them becoming a venture to increase employment of youth with problems in Hyderabad, India, led therapeutic lessons with teenager girls in Cusco, Peru. She also provided as an intern in the U.S Senate.

Grants to Help Poor People

Her analysis at the ILR’s Career and Disability Institute targeted on the conversion of young adult with disabilities onto greater education and the work load. She is a chief executive of the Disabilities Support Troop and the Cornell partnership for Disabilities on university and she volunteers with a personal program for younger adults with disabilities off campus.

Grants to Help Disabled Poor People

According to Danso-Danuah the application procedure was a tough one as you had to indicate on and communicate your academic, management and community involvement in high school and higher education and should know your focus for future.

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Humbled by the award she included that she being a person who loves to indicate, this process was great to being at the end of her sophomore year knowing that it was significant for not only this application process, but how she really assess her time at Cornell and as a young adult. Also the award identifies her academic, management and service work that she has done so far and the upcoming potential they seen in her. Check out the official post edu. website.

2015 Competition

Please evaluation the Message of Information thoroughly before implementing. The Message of Details contains the formal rules for the 2015 Truman Grant Competition such as important schedules, circumstances of the scholarship and credentials requirements. Visit the Website For More Information.

* Truman Scholarship for Advocate for people with disabilities

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