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Disability Aids and Cutlery For Handicapped People

Disability Aids and Cutlery For Handicapped People

There is a modern and impressive style that’s only purpose is to act as assistive utensil for seniors or incapable individuals. The concept behind this is to provide a one-stop solution for individuals who are affected from lack of control within one of their arms, or those who battle to use a traditional knife, hand or scoop.

Disability Aids and Cutlery For Handicapped People

Assistive Technology for Handicapped People: Impairment Aids and Silverware for Separate Eating

Disability Aids and Cutlery For Handicapped People

The impressive equipment is effectively a five in one, consuming equipment which has been developed particularly to help aid those who are affected from conditions or diseases such as Parkinson’s, Hodgkin son’s, Arthritis, action, shaking or lack of branch, that avoid them from consuming normally.

Furthermore, those who experience through consuming normally, such as through comprehensive pain or frailty will also advantage from the feather-light, ergonomic office style of this impressive new cutting-edge in assistive consuming technological innovation.

Eating and Drinking Equipment for Disabled People

Since the item’s release, it has helped many thousands of patients of diseases, seniors individuals, incapable individuals, carers looking after individuals with degenerative diseases as well as those with lack of arm or arms to help bring them back to a completely efficient dietary habits.

The item works as a five-in-one equipment.

Providing all of the benefits of traditional utensil, this outstanding equipment features a knife, hand and scoop in a handy to use ergonomic office style. Furthermore, the item also contains a attach top operator and a flip top can operator. The main concept and concept behind the item is to allow individuals who cannot eat using traditional utensil, to gain a sense of freedom once again.

As an all-in-one impressive knife, hand and scoop, the buyers of this impressive item are able to advantage from a private consuming program. The style and item is appropriate for all occasions.

The item is made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, which is a high-strength, high-impact, fire resistant and is it dish washer secure content. The content is extremely durable and durable, and has allowed us to shape the item into something which will advantage those who need assistive utensil.

Disability aid for Handicapped

The knife is sharp enough to cut through foods such as beef, and the scoop is created to aspect the meal as the knife cuts through the food. However, the knife is exclusively placed away from providing aspect of the equipment to avoid contact with the facial skin, and particularly the mouth.

The assistive consuming equipment is approximately the size and length of a traditional scoop. It is appropriate for children and is actually as secure to use as traditional and traditional knife, hand and scoop. The new equipment is certain awaiting within the United States and Sydney with further country certain applications being prepared for global release.

* Disability Aids and Cutlery For Handicapped People

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