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Grants for Artists with Disabilities


There were many artists in the world who were disabilities. Still they had talent. If we talking about artists with disabilities, how we can forget Ray Charles, who was blind. There are many such artists who have been suffered with some of disabilities. I want to draw your attention towards various grants available for artists with disabilities.

Disable Musician

There is a Fund called AFM Lester Petrillo, it is for Disabled Musicians. This fund has been administratored by The American Federation of Musicians. Under this Fund program, if any musician who has been disabled can apply for this grant funds..

Disabilities Arts Grant Program

The California Art Council offers grants to disabilities people who want to apply in the competitions. They want to promote participation of such disable people. Grant amount from $500 to $1,000.

The Visual and Performing Arts Fund

Recently, The Rehab Group launched a grant program for disabilities people for providing support to the artists with disabilities. There is fund callled The Visual and Performing Arts Fund will give €150,000 over five years. They want to distribute grant money to the disabled artists in the field of painting, sculpture, graphic art, dance, fild, acting, etc

I want to help such people who are looking for grants, when I am searching, I found a Government Organization called “Organizations that Assist Artists with Disabilities

You can see, there are various organization available in that list.

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