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New Disabled Football Club Grant Award

New Disabled Football Club Grant Award

New Disabled Football Club Grant Award

New disabled football club boosted by grant award

A NEW impaired soccer group has won £7,950 in financing from Sport England.

The Wallingford City AFC group, which released in Jan, will use the cash to buy kit and devices.

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Club chair Rich Prunier said: “This money is important to the growth of impairment soccer as a fundamental element of the group.

“We can now buy important devices that will open up possibilities for impaired individuals in Wallingford and the region to try impairment soccer for the first time. A huge thanks to Game Britain for this grant money.”

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The prize comes from Game England’s Get Prepared finance, trying to build on the success of the London, UK 2012 Paralympic Games.

About £1m of Nationwide Lotto financing is being allocated to organizations across Britain to grant them to offer professional devices, which will help make sport a viable option for many more impaired individuals.

New Disabled Football Club Grant Award

Sport Britain speaker Lisa O’Keefe said: “We know many organizations and groups providing sport battle to offer wearing possibilities for impaired individuals because of a lack of access to professional devices.

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“We are pleased to prize these important resources to Wallingford City AFC, which will be a factor in starting up sport to many individuals who formerly found it not reachable.”

In Dec, Game England’s Effective People study exposed a record number of impaired individuals in Britain now perform sport every week.

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* New Disabled Football Club Grant Award

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